Dating erie cast iron

Dating erie cast iron

Dating erie cast iron

Edit: More info on the block. . I would also include in the block TM or large TM what is often called the "medium TM" from the later 1930's.

890 to date. But the blue book says they were made.1939-44.

USA .1916-c.1924 Since the first use in commerce of the block TM was 1924 according to my interpretation of the Trademark Office info I cut the slant TM usage off at 1924. The first use of the small TM seems to.1939 with the hinged skillets and hammered ware. Handle reinforcement pad: none, distinct, or blended. But the small number that exist today tell me that the period of their production was quite short. I might be inclined to go a bit earlier on the first Griswold production of iron cookware into the 1870's instead.1880. It is difficult to tell if these variations reflect progressions in the Erie design or if they are merely the result of an individual pattern maker's artistic choice (or in some cases oversight as they are apparently not confined to a single series.

The finest dating erie cast iron cast iron pans griswold produced the finest cast iron cookware, reinforcing pad, thrift stores, mfd. The 1916 date is a guess which leaves a period for the use of the Slant/Erie TM and, also, for the Slant/EPU trademark. Only problem is i don't have anything yet big enough to clean it, but working. And of course if you have any questions after you get the BB just come on here and ask and we will be happy to help you.

We don't know when the 1922 patent waffle irons were actully put into production. . I think it's pretty much an educated guess on most of the trademark usage as catalogs do not usually show or tell which TM's were being used. Perry Rapier, wAGS member, offline, posts: 26151.

Identifying and Dating Unmarked or Unknown Maker Vintage

It is known that S G patented a waffle iron June 29, 1880 and that, to my knowledge is the first patent for cookware issued to Griswold. Expected"tion marks are occasionally absent.

890 to date griswold cast iron cookware by comparing the finest cast iron cookware! Of the many different pots and bowls classified dating site in usa with the 1891 patent date on them, a small percentage exist with no pattern number which does tell us that pieces were being made in 1891 or later with no p/n. Midway through the Erie timeline came a curiosity: The Spider.

Appl'd For.1891 is when it appears that Griswold may have first put pattern numbers on their pieces. It could have been an early production pan for the late style handle that was produced only for a very short time (maybe days or one run?).

Dating erie cast iron

I don't know when the second handle version was introduced but might guess shortly after wwii. A very small number of hire someone to write my online dating profile earlier than the 1880 date irons exist marked Pat. Evolution of the Erie Skillet, when found in good condition, "Erie" cast iron skillets made from the late 19th to the early 20th century by Griswold and its predecessor, Selden Griswold, represent some of the most dating erie cast iron coveted of collectibles.

For example, if you have a cast iron skillet that has only markings on the bottom that say victor 722 8, try a Google images search for Victor 722 8 cast iron skillet, and see if a match to your pan shows up in the. But for what reason would Griswold use an old pattern (modified to remove the heat rim) at such a late date? Block TM .1924.1940 See above for the 1924 date.

It looks kind of intimidating at first but one you go through it, it all makes sense. Using this table, the approximate time period of manufacture of an Erie skillet can be determined. Robert Bearfield, forum Visitor, offline, wAGS: Heartbeat of Cast, iron Cookware Collecting.

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