Kim soo hyun and yoona dating

Kim soo hyun and yoona dating

Kim soo hyun and yoona dating

The K-netizen boards have been lighting up in the last few days over dating rumors involving Hallyu superstar. 208, -42 Soo Hyun is Yoona. Knock it off, don't take netizens for fools.

Kim Soo Hyun and Yoona dated, but he s a psycho. He said Kim Soo Hyun's personalities are psycho and perverted so Yoona couldn't take it anymore and broke up with him. 40, -4 It's true. She called him a psycho - 56, -1 You can tell that Kim Soo Hyun is an attention seeker and a psycho from his virgo dating an aries man pre-debut photos.

Tag: Kim Soo-hyun, kim Soo Hyun dating. Kim Soo Hyun says a lot of risky things in interviews so his company boss worries everytime he does an interview - 48, -2 I don't know about Yoona and Kim Soo Hyun but I know that Kim Soo Hyun has psycho personalities. 40, -0 Kim Soo Hyun has weird personalities for sure He proudly talked about setting fire in his school. Source: Sports Chosun via Nate.

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Both their agencies, however, have yet to confirm the rumors. 27, -0 Yeah my teacher in my speaking academy has a friend who works in the entertainment industry. We're just close friends" Explains rumors.

104, -34 It s real. The 30-year-old Dara made a brief cameo on the show. E and G aren't that close in particular so E is a tad upset about this the much talked about blind item said, as"d by Korea Boo.

He was dating someone when he debuted wordpress dating site templates and she broke up with him. Korea Boo reported that fans claimed that they saw the two together, but there are no photographs to confirm that. 104, -34 It's real.

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Kim Soo Hyun and Yoona dated, but he's ripon dating a psycho so Yoona turned to dislike him and they broke.

Top comment on this Pann:. Kim Soo Hyun attended an acting academy while studying for university entrance for the 34th year when he was 23. They asked Yoona and she said he's a total psycho.

Furthermore, fans have noted that Dara has cameod in Kim Soo Hyuns last two dramas, You From Another Star and the currently airing, producer. If this rumor was fabricated by an overzealous fan, I would think the choice of pairing up Kim Soo Hyun and Dara is hook up apartment frankfurt to go toe-to-toe with the other Hallyu superstar. Soo Hyun's, 27, drama "My Love from the Star" became a huge hit in China, and because of that the actor currently enjoys a cult status in the country. Like Us on, facebook, advertisement "Hallyu star E who is currently enjoying huge popularity in China was recently going to go public with his new relationship but had to find a new timing once media outlet F went forward with the release of the dating. It was "pan acting academy" or something.

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