The dating ring address

The dating ring address

The dating ring address

The Dating Ring, a three-month old New York-based startup, pegs itself as the future of dating.

1,097 likes 1 talking about this. Best of luck in all of your dating adventures. So, America, lets make this happen. Kay attended Brown University where she studied American studies with a concentration on love, dating, and relationships.

the company is looking to raise at least 10,000 (with a target of 50,000 and if that happens, it says it will fly women meerut dating girl from New York to San Francisco over Memorial Day weekend. Since the matchmaking and scheduling process is pretty manual right now, Kay is aiming to release a more automated system to pick better matches and schedule dates sometime this winter. The Dating Ring team (Katie, Soren, Emma, and Lauren) Courtesy of Lauren Kay Online dating can be a frustrating, hit-or-miss type of experience. Asked about the campaigns origins, Dating Ring, cEO Lauren Kay said this is something shes been joking about for a while, but my sarcasm tends to get lost on the lovely people of San Francisco.

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Hat tip: Taylor Lorenz). It asks you about things like what you're looking for in someone, what you're not looking for, and which activities you like and dislike.

If there's anything we've learned as matchmakers, it's to remember to always be as open as possible to meeting new people. Kay said more than 100 people have contributed already, but its showing up as lower on the campaign page due to a Crowdtilt bug. "You have to meet so many people to find one person who's compatible.". So, we started joking about doing some cross country matchmaking.

The company also promises to re-define the notion of love itself if the campaign gets funded, so youve got that to look forward. Heres how the campaign page explains it: There are tons more single women in NYC, and tons more single men. If the matchmakers see you as a good fit for its pool of beta users, it will contact you for an in-person meeting with the matchmaker. At first, I rolled my eyes the dating ring address at how this seems to reinforce the way that both cities, particularly San Francisco, have been caricatured. It may also be the subject of a reality TV show, Kay tells.

Dating, ring, is Raising Money To Fly Women From NYC

And as others at YC became excited about the idea, she decided the dating ring address to take it from joke to reality. So this is what its come. Down the road, The Dating Ring is looking to raise money and launch nationwide.

To the Dating Ring Community, best of luck in all of your dating adventures. Erase those filters, be kind, and get out there and have the dating ring address a good time!

First, you have to fill out a pretty extensive profile of yourself. Startup Grouper similarly aims to connect people through group hangouts, but The Dating Ring focuses more on romantic connections. Already, people are dating and in relationships thanks to The Dating Ring, Kay says. And for five years, we were lucky enough to get the chance to do just that.

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